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New Spectrum Life. Full Spectrum Coverage.

Learn how Final Expense insurance can help protect your family and your future.
Affordable monthly rates.

Final Expense life insurance for families planning ahead for tomorrow.

You never know what tomorrow could bring. Plan for the most important moments so nobody has to worry about their future.
Coverage for Life

Secure a lifetime of coverage. Your coverage will not decrease with age and your rates will be locked in for life

No Medical Exam

Just answer a few simple questions on your application and we will be able to determine your eligibility in seconds

30 Day try it out period

If you are not satisfied with the plan that you picked out you can make changes to your coverage within the first 30 days, or cancel your plan for a full refund.

Build Cash Value

You build more cash value the longer you have your coverage. You can also borrow against it at a guaranteed rate.

Protect your family from expected and unexpected expenses you may leave behind e.g. funeral cost, bills, debt, etc.

Part of living a long life is reducing your stress levels. You can rest easy knowing that if anything unexpected were to happen, you’re not going to be leaving behind ongoing financial obligations.
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