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The Top 3 Reasons To Buy Life Insurance Today

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Life insurance is not in the top 100 things to start a conversation off with. This we know. However, some of the following conversation starters are in the top 100 or even top 3 topics of conversation.

"Where do you plan to retire?"

"College is expensive. Where do your kids/grand kids plan on going?"

"The stock market is looking rough. I don't want to look at my 401K."

Everyone expects to live to see retirement, grandkids, and enjoy years of hard work that paid off. However, how you retire, with how much money you have in the bank, and stock market volatility can mean the difference between downsizing and traveling or moving in with your kids.

We get asked often, "How are other families able to retire comfortably?" and "How can I set my kids up so things don't have to be so hard on them when its time for them to buy their first home?"

These are real conversations we have and surely you have as well.

Life insurance is not just for when you pass away. It is security for the times you are alive and for those you would like to love and care for even after you are gone.

By planning ahead you can secure a life insurance policy for amounts that can cover bills, mortgage, and final expenses. Depending who you assign as beneficiary you could be leaving to a loved one the down payment for their first home, the ability to finally be debt free, the trip of a lifetime, seed money to finally launch their own business, or leave a contribution to your church or non-profit organization.

Learn more by speaking to one of our agent advisors  at 1-800-604-1044 who can help you understand what rates and options are available for you to secure, protect your future and your family's.

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