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What Happens If I Don't Have Life Insurance?

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We are all very busy. Need proof? Look to the person next to you and watch them intently focused on their phone as if they were waiting for the president to call them any moment. Ok,  so we may be busy with checking our emails and text messages, but work, bills, our health, our spouses health are things that matter and when you navigate it all it can get overwhelming. No wonder why life insurance and thinking about the future can be something that never quite makes it to the top of our list. Well... at least not until...

Someone We Know

We have all been there right? A friend or family member we grew up with passes away. They  are gone. And we are stuck in our emotions sorting out feelings of grief, sadness, and the feeling like things are starting to hit closer to home. That is when we find ourselves starting to become more aware of life insurance and thinking about our families.

What If I Have No Life Insurance?

Best case scenario if you do not have life insurance, your family has the money they need to continue on without additional stress. Financial security is intact and the kids or grand kids can go to college, the house is paid for and their are no debt collectors harassing your spouse. You financial house is in order. You are missed and loved, but those you leave behind are able to live a life in peace because you prepared for that future and made it a reality.

Worse case scenario if you do not have life insurance, your family is faced with a situation where they do not have the money to pay for your own funeral, medical bills, the house, and bill collectors are coming from every angle not even leaving those you leave behind with time to pause and grieve in peace to then pick up and continue on. Instead they are forced to operate under extreme stress and they have to figure out how to survive financially, without you.

Obviously, there is middle ground between the two scenarios. Planning is the difference and action is the key between having a better scenario you leave behind rather than one that is more stressful and painful.

Starting Somewhere

If you are at the point where you are thinking about the future and would like to understand what tools and resources can can use to secure and protect your family, call our advisor-agents who can help you understand what options you have that fit within your budget to take care of your family today and tomorrow. Get Pre-Qualified today or call us at


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